Steven Claydon / Lecture

Above Image – The Author of Mishap (Them) by Steven Slaydon, 2005. Explained below. Image Source.



Interdisciplinary artist and London based musician, Steven Claydon was the guest speaker at Transmission this week.

Claydon used the lecture to discuss his Artworks. I always do some research about the speakers practice before each lecture so I have some basic knowledge of what the artist creates, so going into Claydon’s lecture, I was excited to learn more about the Sculptural Busts (pictured above)that seems to be popular among his works.  However, he never mentioned them in his lecture discussing his practice, to my disappointment, so I think at this point I became slightly disengaged because I was wanting to find out more about their surrounding context, which I had to Google later to find out that they are ‘Heroic political figures’ that were linked to J.G.Frazer’s dissertation,‘ The Gilded Borough’.

COL_020316_ 006
The Guilded Borough (on plinth) by Steven Claydon. Image Source.

The aspect that intrigued me about the busts was his use of material, he’s camouflaged a peacock feather as the busts eyes which is an interesting approach to detail, he explained he ‘makes things that look like something they aren’t, which is very clear in this piece, Claydon also put a contemporary twist on a traditional medium by doing this.

Going back to the lecture, Claydon discussed his work titled, ‘The Gilded Borough’ 2016.  He shredded money from the Royal mint (not sure how he got it and he didn’t explain how) and covered each piece in gold and then cast them still in a vivarium tank.  I really love the movement this piece has, yet its still, like the gold fragments have been paused in time.  It has a feel of antiquity, so ornate yet the piece remains contemporary by the vivarium and its surroundings as the piece was part of the installation.  I think Claydon has a fantastic use of material and it seems by his choice of material he has great knowledge of its history which adds to his context further.

Yet another great informative lecture about the Artist and his practice, seeing Steven Claydon’s innovative use of material was fantastic and inspiring.


Steven Claydon –


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