The Cupboard Under the Stairs / Installation


Today I installed my works for my exhibition in The Cupboard Under the Stairs Gallery. I had already drawn up a rough plan as to where and how I wanted to display my neon signs, which can be seen below:


Since the walls in the gallery space are brick, I required a drill to be able to put nails or screws so I could hang the neons from. Myself and Hannah Lamb installed the exhibition together but required professional help with the drill so asked a technician to drill the holes and he helped me massively, and it only took around an hour in total. Some Photos of the works can be viewed below or in Doccumentation:

After displaying the works, I placed the below sign, outside the exhibition as a pre-caution. My neon signs flash and since this is my own responsibility, I had to take the necessary precautions that come with having flashing imagery or lights:

FullSizeRender (1)

I’m really pleased with my exhibition, I’m really impressed with how effective my signs look and I think I have achieved an immersive experience with this exhibition. Putting your art work out in the public is always a nerving experience, but for myself to do this solo exhibition took confidence, no matter how small or big the gallery – so I’m really proud of my first solo exhibition.


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