Timothy Hyman / Lecture

Above Image: Timothy Hyman, London with the parable of Dives and Lazarus, work in progress, Image Source – http://www.artworksproject.com/docs/bla-timh.html



“From Siena to London”

A Gravity lecture that was different than the usual artist speaking about their work and interests – Timothy Hyman is a British art writer, curator and figurative painter, based upon Sienese painting, which he then focused his lecture around.

Sienese painting is a style of painting deriving from Siena, Italy. There is no specific date that pinpoints when this style of painting began but from research it was very active during the 13th-15th century from the Sienese school of painting where Diccio di Buoninsegna  and Simone Martini, both Italian born painters, participated and became some of their most important representatives.

Simone Martini, The Miracle of the Child falling from the Balcony, c.1324. Image source – https://artmalavika.wordpress.com/author/artmalavika/

Hyman spoke in depth about Sienese painting as well as his own work, he mentioned that he was drawn to this style of painting as they became a ‘series of overlaps in space’, which I can see when looking at original Sienese paintings, most seem to have a narrative and a configuration of many layered aspects, which I can also see in Timothy Hyman’s work, he also uses a similar layout in his pieces, as well as the idea of many layers – not just one focal point. You can also see similarities in both Hyman’s work and the traditional Sienese paintings from the very straight lines used in the foreground, on the buildings. When looking at both, Timothy Hyman’s style of painting appears guileless, but in-fact when comparing it again to the Sienese paintings, they are quite technical in the line and composition and how the foregrounds all leads to a single back point, creating three dimension in the  works.

Timothy Hyman, Mid River: The Bearer, 1995-98. Image source – https://www.royalacademy.org.uk/artist/timothy-hyman-ra

I really liked how he described his style of art as ‘The city inside my head’, he was so passionate about Sienese paintings, it has become how he sees the world around him, which I think most artists do, they create their own worlds, they design.

This was a really informative lecture, i’ve learnt about a new style of painting that I never knew existed and I’ve really expanded on my art history knowledge, which I always want to do.  As for Hymans artwork, it’s not my taste visually but he creates fantastic narrative in his pieces which I love.


Timothy Hyman – http://www.timothyhyman.com/


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