The Cupboard Under the Stairs / Poster and Proposal

Whilst my group exhibition; VIE is still running, I also have my first Solo-Exhibition coming up next week. I will be displaying my Neon signs in Hannah Lambs; The Cupboard Under the Stairs Gallery, situated in Sheffield Hallam’s, Arundel Gate Court Studios. The exhibition will run from 14-20 March.
Below is the poster for the 1 week exhibition, designed by gallery Organiser; Hannah Lamb:




The Cupboard Under the Stairs Gallery offers a challenge to all those who exhibit, with it’s compact 7 x 1 meter space, it creates a very different and unique exhibiting experience and placement of work needs to be thoughtful. I will be exhibiting three neon signs from my first Neon attempts, I will display them spaciously apart in the gallery. I will also be covering the door with a black sheet, to refuse light to enter the space, so the Neon’s are seen at their most effective. I am hoping to create an immersive experience as the space is so suited to my works. I am also using this opportunity to test my neons as this will be the first time seeing them in their necessary surroundings.


About the Gallery space –


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