VIE /Feedback, Evaluation and Crit

The exhibition has been successful, it’s received some great, positive feedback including how well curated it was. It was noticed how we had used the space well and also how great mine and Charlotte Robinson’s pieces are displayed together and create a contrast of dark and light, I think this is something we will replicate in our next Exhibition in April/May as it’s been positively pointed out. It was also pointed out how all the pieces complimented each other; not just one single piece of work stood out, which reflects how well we worked as a team, we helped each other and everything was discussed as a group. The single piece of criticism we did receive was about a comment book that we left out, hoping to receive feedback on how the exhibition went, but we were informed that with comment books they only attract positive feedback, praising how good the show is, which is great, but you will rarely receive constructive criticism which I suppose you want, so this critique is completely understandable and we will definitely take this through to our next exhibitions.



My individual work received all positive feedback too. Charlie and I also took this opportunity to have our crit in the space, and receive feedback on the exhibited pieces. My work was perceived how I wanted it to be; people knew that it was related to death and after deconstructing the work, they saw that it was full of angst from the lyrics and words. It was also pointed out how narrative it all is, but It only works being left to right, which I intend it being read this way, I never considered people may read it right to left, so next time I will have to reconsider this. Someone described the voids as the sensation after you rub your eyes; the moment your eyes are distorted with colour and first see light again, which I really liked the idea of. Another also said that each individual piece has a lot of personality, like a human; as though when you die you become your own little void, which again I love the idea of – I’m so fearful of death, I’ve created my own afterlife option, They become a moment in someone’s lifecycle.

I was told that my work as it stands right now, is slightly unprofessional, I displayed the paper pieces away from the wall using blue-tack, but I did expect to receive this comment, this was never intended to be a final piece, and I know I need to develop on it, but I wanted to receive feedback on how I should move forward and improve, which I did.

Overall, I’m really pleased with our exhibition and I know the rest of the group are too. We have alot of hope and reassurance in our next exhibition, and we are all really excited to display together again. It’s been a great learning opportunity and the overall experience has been successful, I’m really pleased and ready to develop my work from this.


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