VIE / Installation and Curation

We installed the exhibition today, and everything ran smoothly. We were all aware of each other’s current practice, and had an idea on what we would be displaying; it was just a matter of the right placement for each piece. In terms of curation, we prioritised people’s needs first; I had already drawn a rough plan for my works, pictured below, and I required the longest wall for my piece spanning 7ft, Paige needed the floor space to place her two plinths and the remaining three just required wall space, but placing them thoughtfully where they sat best next to other works.


With ACG Gallery only being a small space, we really wanted to make the most of it, but not overcrowd it. So we displayed individual works on each wall space; 4 in total and had works in the floor space on plinths, and overall it made a really tidy and interesting exhibition, the diverse variety of pieces yet remaining cohesive due to the theme. As a group, we are all really pleased with how the exhibition looks and how well our works sit together, we’re glad we took this opportunity as it has assured us our end of year exhibition; where we will all display together again, will be aesthetically successful.


Documentation from this show can be found here –


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