Neon / Using colour

In my tutorials, I presented my 1st neons to my tutors, and they suggested to me about using colour, instead of the white light I had been using.

My problem with colour is that people will always relate it to an emotion; I don’t want to tell people what to think or feel of my work before they fully understand it. However, I understand why they asked about colour, most of the artists I have researched use colour.


In my book of musings, I wrote the phrase ‘I don’t want to leave’; meaning I don’t want to die and leave earth. When I looked at this phrase again, I felt very sad that I will have to leave one day. I took this emotion and I decided to use the colour blue, it’s still similar to the white, but it has a very cold and lonely feel. I’m pleased I analysed the factor of colour, as it has made me re-think it. I can image the above neon in red now to show the stubbornness and fear of not wanting to leave.

Colour in my neon signs will definitely return, I think it just needs careful consideration.




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