Hannah Swatell / Lecture

Above Image – Vendor by Hannah Swatell, 2012. Image Source.


London based Artist, Hannah Swatell was the guest speaker from Transmission lecture this week.

Swatell spoke about several of her artworks throughout the lecture but to be honest although her work to me was aesthetically good, I didn’t seem to get a grasp of the context of each piece which created a barrier for me to be fully immersed in her work.  It was clear from her work that graphic based images, technical, mechanical, scientific images and film stills were an interest to her but as a viewer I only saw a visual connection in the images, no context and even on further research I have carried out I still can’t find the context or interest that drives Swatell to create.

Swatell’s; Swapmeet, 2012. Image Source.

However, she spoke about two projects; Swapmeet and Vendor, which were both visually similar. Swatell printed images (mentioned previously) onto glass panels and they were suspended onto the wall at an angle in Swampmeet and in Vendor suspended in steel structures.  The aspect I liked about these was how the image became sculpture and appeared like 3D collages, I like how she presented the images, which is something I wanted to achieve in my piece, ‘Goodbye’. I really liked how Swatell created sculpture and image but in a subtle way that made the images the focal point.

Another shot of Hannah Swatell’s; Vendor, 2012.  Image Source.

This wasn’t a lecture that I fully immersed myself in or truly connected with but the point I am taking away with me and something I feel I’ve learnt from is the subtly of her image and sculpture pieces, something that I wanted to achieve in my work but I feel in my work it became quite dramatic but something I can work on to achieve better now that I have attended this lecture, so overall this was another thoughtful lecture and one with a great learning curve for me especially.


Hannah Swatell – http://vilmagold.com/artist/hannah-sawtell/


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