Neon Signs / EL Wire Experiment

From my research, quite a lot of text artists use Neon signs to present their words/text. I really like this idea as it glorifies the words and literally puts them in lights. I researched into making a neon sign, but the prices are very expensive and I currently can’t afford that.

Still wanting to make a neon sign, I searched the internet and found people making DIY Neon signs using EL Wire. EL wire is a long string of light; much like fairy lights in that its battery powered but it’s just a continual line. The images of these diy signs look very similar to actual neon, but EL only costs £5 for a 5m length.

After seeing this I bought a few sets of it, I chose white as these are just experiments and I didn’t want to think about colour at this early stage. The tutorial I saw on-line was to bend metal wire into the word/shape you want, and then attach the EL wire to it by tying it with clear thread, below is the result of this, It took a long time to tie the wire down, and I was adamant on finding a new way to attach it, as the clear thread was quite noticeable:


‘Goodbye’, L-20inch X H-6 inch


I found a second tutorial on youtube that used super glue to glue the two together, I had considered this before, but my though was the wire would break if a liquid was in contact, but after seeing the video, it was perfectly fine. Below are the results of this now process and they are so much better than before, I’m really impressed with the results, they look very similar to neon signs, but they don’t have that glowing aura around them, but I like how ghostly it looks; word just hanging in the middle of darkness:


‘avoid void’, L-20inch X H-6inch

DSCF2760DSCF2761DSCF2760                                   ‘everlong is neverlong’, L-38inch x H-9inch


I will be exhibiting ‘avoid void’ and ‘everlong is neverlong’ soon, at The Cupboard under the stairs gallery, as this space is very dark and will suit my neons perfectly.




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