What is a Void?


  • An opening or break in continuity; A gap containing no matter – emptiness
  • Not occupied; unfulfilled, Loneliness – completely lacking
  • Ineffective/useless
  • Having No legal Validity; Null
  • Voided – to leave or vacate


Above is the definition of a Void. I look at all these definitions and I think of two things; Space and Death. I think all the above definitions can also be used for both space and death, and this is what inspired my void paintings. I can look at images of space and be completely lost, and thinking of life’s biggest questions, which is exactly what I do when I think about dying. Both of these topics scare me, confuse me and interest me; which is the drive for me to make my void paintings.
Below some images that have inspired my Void paintings;


All Images are from NASA, URL: https://www.instagram.com/nasa/?hl=en


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