Voids / Development

The above image is the original void ink painting, that all these developments have derived from.

I really loved the idea I received in my tutorials about making a series of voids, but I wanted to improve from my first experiments.

The first aspect I wanted to improve was the colour/depiction of a void. I needed to decide whether I take the cliché galaxy on fully, or make it more abstract. I made some initial paintings (below) which is where I realised I prefer the more abstract depictions; so no stars and I also want more black in the pieces, at present these seem too light – I don’t see lightness when I think of death.


I then began to replicate the original process; applying the text in masking fluid, to the watercolour paper and then painting onto the dried latex, finally removing the latex when the ink has dried. I have used the shape of the circle to extend the void context; similar shape to a black hole or planet. Giving it a circular shape also gives it individuality; making them quite human in a way. I also began to incorporate song lyrics as the text, music is a big influence to me and I’ve found that in my context, lyrics can speak the volumes I cannot:



From the above experiments, I created a triptych of my favourite paintings. At this point, I realised that there was still a fault in them; the text. I’m pleased with my choice of words, so that is not the problem. I much prefer the middle piece, as there is more area for the void painting. So I think changing both the size and font of the, make it more understated and less designer like a greetings card. I’m also a bit undecided on the white of the text, this will be something I continue to experiment with:

FullSizeRender (2)

FullSizeRender (3)FullSizeRender (4)FullSizeRender (5)


Here I have experimented with the idea of a void being a planet. These are studies of the moon, but I realised I don’t see the moon or the planets as a void, I actually enjoy them – which contradicts my context. However, I much prefer the font I have used on these, this is my handwriting, and it feels more personal and human than previously:


This was another accidental experiment, where I was attempting to depict a black hole; which I’ve completely disregarded, but I love the text on this piece. I haven’t removed the masking fluid and the paint has dried over it and it’s left the text both see and not seen, as thought the text is entwined into the void – this is what I want to achieve, so I will continue to develop this:

FullSizeRender (9)


In this experiment I have combined all the aspects I liked and wanted to improve, and below is the outcome. I’m really pleased with this piece, it’s finally looking like how I imagined; I will now develop these into a series as it was suggested to me in a tutorial that I make my own solar system of these voids, which I love the idea of:

FullSizeRender (11)


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