Circle Poly-prints

As suggested by tutors I have looked more at these prints and made more. There was a quality in these prints that I really liked; how the text is so lost in the print and can hardly be seen is an aspect I wanted to continue.

I think now I have made more, I forget why I like them – they become too far away for what I want to portray and what is aggravating me is I don’t know why. I think at this early stage of text based art, this is so far from being text art, it’s putting me off. In terms of the white and black, I much prefer the white ink on black paper; it almost feels skeletal to me and the ink is a lot more gradual, where as on the white paper the ink is very staggered and you can see where I have stopped rolling the cone.

I still think there is something in these, but as of now I’m going to leave them. What I want to portray in my head, is not being transposed onto these works – maybe the text is too lost? but is that a good thing?


IMG_1217IMG_1219IMG_1218IMG_1222FullSizeRender (2)


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