David Michael Clarke / Lecture

Above image – David Michael Clarke’s, Post Gods Band – Live at Wharf in 2006. Image Source.



British contemporary visual artist, David Michael Clarke was the guest speaker at today’s Transmission lecture. Clarke stated that he now lives and works in France explaining, “He met a girl and stayed there”, further saying in terms of art and space, “we move because of loved ones”.

Clarkes, One square metre of raw canvas with 212 stolen kisses, 2001. Image Source.

Clarke had a vast amount of work under his belt, including works he created directly from other artist’s works including ‘One square meter of raw canvas with 212 stolen kisses’, where he wanted to transfer the lipstick from Fabrice Hybert’s piece onto his own work as pictured above, but Clarke just enjoys making work explaining he doesn’t feel the difference between work and holiday.

The sign that Clarke saw and then made Post Gods solely from seeing this. Photo by Clarke take at Ericsson Factory, Stockholm, 2006. Image Source.

A good portion of the lecture, Clarke discussed his project ‘Post Gods’ which began when he saw a photo of a sign that said, ‘Post Gods’.  Solely from this sign Clarke created a Rock Band because the words sounded like a band name.  This span into him creating a band and creating an album. One of the songs called ‘Mortality’. He continued to mention that he also made a logo for the band in an ‘Ephemeral typeface’ which he printed onto T-Shirts and also made further merchandise including badge that had PG on; the parental guidance sign and even further Clarke wore a significant necklace, which made him well known for this, much like the famous white glasses worn by Kurt Cobain, again the necklace was turned into merchandise and made into a large scale sculptural piece.

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Finally the ‘Post Gods’ band played an acoustic show, which I suppose you could label as an ‘art performance’.  So funny to think that all this stemmed from a simple thing as a sign, which is one of the main reasons I liked about this project, how Clarke saw something so ambitious from something that was so menial.

As for the project itself, it really represents the current music industry and how quick it starts and then ends and the idea of making merch, a gimmick that will sell, it seemed much more of a fun project, rather than a serious one, which I really liked the idea of.

On the website created for ‘Post Gods’ it quotes, “From one simple photograph…….. to music, poetry, fashion and sculpture”.  This sums up Clarke’s project perfectly.


dDavid Michael Clarke – http://www.davidmichaelclarke.net/index.html
Post Gods – http://www.postgods.net/index.html


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