Initial Experiments

At the start of every semester, I make works from ideas that I have had in my head; ways to progress, inspiration form artists or my previous works.

I never class these works as finished, they are made with the intent to be developed; I make all my ideas, analyse them and decide where their strengths lie and develop those on.


The first image is using a paper tube, this was a practice to make sure the writing was the correct way around. I then used a wooden rolling pin and carved the word ‘goodbye’ into it twice – I hoped that the rolling pin would create a continuous line of print that would slowly fade into nothing. Unfortunately this failed and for some reason the ink wouldn’t print onto the page and the paint printed too much, as to why this has happened I don’t know but I have an Idea of how to improve it:


A callograph is making a print using fabric or an object. I used the wooden rolling pin, used previously and placed string into the groove. The results were vastly more effective as the words can bee seen – These works remind me very much of Sean Landers works, and how his works are very repetitive but have an attitude in how they are painted. I can’t see these being developed, nothing captures me about them:


Unexpected Print:
As I was cleaning the above rolling pin, It created a fantastic print on the towel, so I replicated this onto a white sheet. It’s funny how what I originally wanted came about by a complete accident:



Poly-print #1:
I used a sheet of Styrofoam, as you can see I wrote don’t the wrong way, I like the naive quality of the writing, but the type of print is wrong – maybe a mono-print would be better suited?

FullSizeRender (2)


Testing words and Masking Fluid;
Masking fluid is a liquid latex that dries water resistant, it’s used to keep areas you want white, pristine. These pieces were testing the initial words I had considered when I think about death. I like my choice of words, but I agree when people have said they are very literal. Maybe secluding just one word like the goodbye screen print, is how I can develop them. It was suggested to me, from the size and shape of the circle – make a series of CD size pieces, I really like the idea of this and will develop it further:


Polyprint #2:
I made a poly-print using a Styrofoam cone. I carved the word ‘goodbye’ into the Styrofoam and then rolled it into the circle shape. I think there is potential in this, but the feedback I received makes me doubt it. People believed it was a brain scan, radar on a plane, spinning record. I’m not sure as to whether it’s too abstract or if I don’t connect with it – something to develop further:

FullSizeRender (1)


Void #1:
Ink painting with removed masking fluid, which results in the pure white text. The feedback I received on this was mixed; it looks too design based, like a greetings card, but it also has a sublime feel, that my tutor believes I could push. I want to develop this experiment on, as I feel I have visualised a void to what I believe one is; very galactic and space orientated – very cliché.


Void #2
Here I have combined the ink circle void and Galaxy #1, I’m not happy with this combination, it feels too mystical and fairytale:


Artist Inspired:
I’ve experimented with using techniques of various artists that I have researched, I often replicate artists techniques as a way to find what I like about it and then adapt it to my own practice. I haven’t found much inspiration from making these works:


As a development I will be expanding on the Void #1 painting and poly print #2, these were the most well received and I feel they have much more potential than the rest.


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