Anatol Knotek / Artist

Above Image – Artwork by Knotek. Image Source.


Born 1977; Austrian Artist, Anatol Knotek creates visual poetry through text, which he creates both visual and installation works with.

Knotek has been one of my biggest influences through my current practice of text based art. I love how he visually changes text, and from this changes the context and meaning of the original words. He plays with words; de-constructing them and injects his influence of poetry into each of his pieces. Knotek’s works are visually condensed poems and I have reflected on his works throughout my current practice.

nothing lasts forever, a text-object by Anatol Knotek. Image Source.

Anatol Knotek’s use of text is sublime; it’s so simple with the use of words and the font, yet so complex how he’s manipulated each word to create poetry; for example in the piece above, ‘nothing lasts forever’, the original word was FOREVER, yet he’s lost the F, R and E, and all that remains on the wall is over; reading it as FOREVER IS OVER. His ability to give a whole narrative to a single word really interests me; Knotek has also given attitude to the word, by the letters falling to floor, looking so lifeless really amplifies the context of the piece.

I think there is humour in how he handles text, as he gives the words character and an attitude; making them very humorous, but  I see the emotion in his works to as I have read them in the context of life and death, and what death brings.

bye, Concrete poetry by Anatol Knotek. Image Source.

One of my favourite pieces of art is Anatol Knotek’s, ‘bye’. I think this piece is so impactful as I can personally here someone’s voice through it, The piece is showing you a life, and the progression to death, which I think is an amazing thing to achieve and something that I would love to capture in my future works.

Knotek handle’s words and text fantastically; In terms of the reason to text based art – to present theories through text, that allows a deeper process of though and finding that text allows attitude – is something Anantol Knotek has done through his works, and perfectly in my opinion.


Anatol Knotek –

Really great interview with the Artist –


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