A Change of Practice

The changing of an art practice is a tough decision to make, but after loosing confidence in my previous visual work; from The Ripple Effect exhibition and from much deliberation after receiving constructive feedback at my assessment a week ago, I have decided to change my practice and I will now be focusing on Text Based Art.

I wouldn’t say this change is a drastic one, but it has taken a step up from my previous works. Text has always been present in my  work, but I will be experimenting with making it the predominant factor. The two pieces above are what started this change in practice; I was enlightened by the quality they have in the text, and how they are so much more powerful than my other works.

This change appears more of a suitable style; text allows a much deeper process of thought, which is more appropriate to my current context. I have also changed the context of my art; it will no longer be focusing of celebrity deaths, as it was clear to myself and others that there was a lack of connection, so I will now be focusing on my own fear of death as the context of my work, which I think is also a progression from my previous works as the subject of Death has always been present in my work.

In terms of my fear of Death, I fear the not knowing and undiscovered aspect it has; I often question what happens to us after we die? Do we know we are dead? Do our brains still carry on? There’s too many questions and my anxiety lies in the lack of answers. I personally relate my fear to the word Void; a space of nothingness and emptiness. From this I will be using my thoughts directly as the text in my artwork. The only visual I can relate this feeling of void to is outer space; a space that exists but has no reason, it’s quite unexplained yet it is still there.

From these works, I want my audience to understand and be informed of my feelings  and the anxiety I have Towards Death.



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