Sarah Jones / Lecture


This week’s Gravity lectures was a speciality one, a live performance piece by Sarah Jones; an artist known for her work in performance so I entered the lecture feeling quite excited and intrigued.

The piece was approximately 8 minutes long which I was quite shocked about as this had been advertised as a speciality ‘one-off’ lecture, which entailed a performance by Sarah Jones that seemed to be over as soon as it started leaving an hour and twenty minutes for a Q & A on this unbelievably short performance that I can honestly admit left me feeling disheartened and mislead to say the least, and after 45 minutes I felt very disengaged with anger.

The actual performance didn’t impress me as Jones spoke extremely quietly, so much so I could barely hear her, all I could hear was, “This is a small talk, in a nutshell”.  Jones then played a record of her voice repeating ‘it’ constantly as she continued the performance playing records, reading a script, a book – and then it was over, leaving the whole lecture theatre in silence, quite awkward from what I imagine was total shock that it had actually finished.

Questions were few and far between but discussion picked up with 5 members over whether this would work without an audience, which Jones said it would be shorter leaving me contemplating whether part of her performance was the Q & A as her performing part didn’t actually involve the audience.

Admittedly I didn’t enjoy this at all, this was a rare ‘live’ performance lecture, which I entered with a feeling of intrigue and excitement but left feeling totally mislead and I can honestly say the performance itself was not to my taste.

Jones brought the lecture to an end by saying, “The tongue is an actor, in the theatre of a mouth”, this was the only information that actually intrigued me as it lead me to think that speech is a big aspect to Jones’ performances, she was brave to stand there and perform this but for me I came away feeling confused and disappointed.


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