Goodbye, 2016


Installation, featuring a Series of eight individual layered collages; nailed into the wall and A sculptural plinth adorned with eight individual, A4 glass collages. This artwork was exhibited at Gage Gallery in Sheffield, January 2016, as part of The Ripple Effect exhibition.

The whole piece uses images of eight celebrities, whose deaths I feel were a huge loss to society and who I personally see a massive loss from. I acknowledge that most of the featured celebrities died before my birth, but I see a loss in the fact, they will never produce music or film again. I am a fan of all these celebrities and their works, so the loss comes from never being able to have more of their works. This piece also confronts my fear of death in terms that everyone will die one day, even the most prestigious of people.


Photo’s of the piece:


All photo’s taken by myself.


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