The Ripple Effect / Opening Night, Feedback and Evaluation

Last night was the opening night for our group exhibition; The Ripple Effect.  We had a great turn out, thanks to our advertising. Free refreshments were provided that always goes down well, our informative leaflet was well received, and guided our visitors around each artwork and overall, it was a fantastic night.

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Abbot.
View of the entire gallery, My work being viewed to the right. Photo courtesy of Chelsea Abbot.

As for my work, It attracted a lot of attention, I received some great positive feedback and It was really pleasing to see people view and discuss my work and see discussion arise from my work about the celebrities, which is what I wanted from my work, I wanted people to relate to it, which you can when the content is universal. I’m pleased with my work, It has a balance of destruction and fragility and I feel It comes across ghostly, which was my intention, but as for where I can continue from this is hazy to me, I feel this chapter of my practice had closed.

Photo courtesy of Chelsea Abbot.
Photo courtesy of Chelsea Abbot.

One critical point I received was questioning why I placed the work on the floor, as It was slightly difficult to view from above. The reason for this was I wanted to create sculpture and image together as well as replicating the form of a body. In hindsight, I would have raised the floor piece higher, to torso height, so the pieces are easier to see. I also re-hung my work, and placed the floor piece at an angle away from the wall, and this appeared more effective as the viewer had to walk around the piece as opposed to just looking down at it. This also worked for the pieces context, in that it became unavoidable, you had to walk around it which is reflective of death.

I’m extremely proud of Creative Art Practice; our first group exhibition was a success. We worked really well together, the teamwork aspect was excellent and each individual pulled their own weight. The show was well curated and our tutors were really impressed with all our hard work, as am I, It couldn’t have gone better.


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