The Ripple Effect / Poster and Proposal

In two weeks time, our first Creative Art Practice Group Exhibition will be happening; 6th – 11th January 2016.

Below is the poster for our Exhibition; The Ripple Effect. The poster was designed by fellow students, Chelsea Abbot and Katie Gammage and the name was a collective decision between the group. The exhibition title was given as a connotation of the work that will feature in the galley is a drop in the ocean to what we have been producing in the studio, and will be a catalyst for new ideas in semester 2 after our assessment.



Sheffield Hallam University Second Year Creative Art Practice student’s come together to present ‘The Ripple Effect’. A group Exhibition featuring 19 artists displaying works from their current practice at Gage Gallery in Sheffield from 7th-11th January 2015, preview night on 6th January 2015.

I will be displaying work surrounding Celebrity deaths and my fear of death, I use celebrities that I consider a great loss to society and myself. As to what my displayed work will be is unknown as of yet, but I am currently in the stages of experimentation.


Facebook Event:


Below are sketches of how my work will be displayed:



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