It’s in their eyes

Inspired by Adrian Piper, I really loved how she took away the human characteristics of the face, I wanted to do something similar to this as an experiment. I considered what makes a person, and I decided that eye’s are the most important factor; to have the visual contact is very important to me. So in this series, I took away the celebrities eyes, to make them in-human, with they are because they have all died. In terms of the text, I used a word I rarely use; Goodbye. I hate endings, and saying goodbye is too much of an end for me, its a very certain word. I’m really quite pleased with these pieces, they retain a ghostly quality in that they have become less human; you can no longer connect with or to them, they now have a barrier stopping us, which adds to the tragedy of the celebrities.

Each piece measures 4 inch X 7 inch, Printed photo and ink stamped text:


Individual Pieces:

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Image of the cellotape eyes:



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