Duncan Bullen / Lecture

Above Image – Drawing #03.11 by Duncan Bullen, coloured pencil on paper, 2011. Image source – http://www.duncanbullen.com/drawings-2011.html



Duncan Bullen’s practice is printmaking and drawing but he used his lecture to mostly discuss his work with pencil drawing.

Bullen first discussed the theme of this year’s Gravity Lectures, ‘Form’ describing it as the pleasure of turning something into something and with that he produced a pencil as his object of ‘form’, a tool he couldn’t live without.

Drawing #33.10, 2010 by Duncan Bullen. Coured Pencil on paper.  Image source – http://www.duncanbullen.com/drawings-2010.html

He described drawing as more of an attitude/state of mind rather than a medium, which is clear when you look at his works; they feel very meditative and calming as they have a vast amount of details and precision.  Bullen began to read out quotes about mindfulness, which must be an important factor to creating for him, to reach a state of mindfulness whilst drawing which I think art does – to enjoy the process of making sometimes without thought or reason is a great meditative task, to actually lose yourself in creating.

THIS IS NOT DUNCAN BULLEN’S WORK. This is an image similar to Bullen’s ‘nothing wasted’, I have used this as I was unable to locate his work, but this is very similar. Image Source.

His lecture seemed to be over as so soon as it started and he finished it by presenting his piece titled, ‘Nothing Wasted’ 2009-2012, which is an acrylic box of shavings which really reinstates the idea of mindfulness and not leaving unfinished product.

I admit that I wasn’t a big fan of Bullen’s work but his use of art as meditation is something I truly admire and this has made me want to create without an idea or reason.


Duncan Bullen – http://www.duncanbullen.com/index.html


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