Making a Ghost of you

I’m really please with where the smashed glass pieces are going, but I feel they don’t embody a ghost; which I want to do with my work. I didn’t want to return to my previous ghost experiments as they all felt too literal.

In my text experiments; I mixed PVA glue and white acrylic and it made a really ghostly effect; it somehow visually removed the figure from the image, something my previous experiments didn’t do. I also liked how it had small specks of white in it; reminding me of stars. I then used this techniques on a larger image and removed the text, but doing this made me dislike the solution – the texture reminded me of the plasm from ghostbusters, which is not what I wanted – so I will not be developing this on:


In my second experiment, I was inspired by John Bathos works and how the clouded glass screen resembled sheer fabric, and so from this I produced the experiments below. I used a printed image transfer technique, where you paint gel medium onto your printed photo, place the pasted side onto fabric, flatten and allow to dry and then peel the paper away; which results in your image transferred onto the fabric. On the left is testing with ink jet printing and the right is laser jet printing; clearly the laser jet produced a better result – with this the figure has become the fabric and I’m really impressed with this experiment.


I then had the idea to incorporate text into the fabric transfers; I wanted to retain the clarity of the fabric, and so thought of the idea of using acetate; a thin clear plastic. In this time I also reconsidered the shadow aspect of the images, which I had since lost, and decided to use layers of acetate, separating words of the text (for the questionnaire) and writing them on each layer. With this experiment, I finally came to a point where It felt like a final piece was forming. I intend on making a series of 8 of these layered pieces, using the celebrities I mentioned at the start of this project:




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