Adrian Piper / Artist

New York Concept Artist; Adrian Piper’s works focus on ‘otherness’. I first came across Piper’s work at the Venice Biennale 2015, where she displayed the works seen on this post. These instantly caught my eye, from how she had removed the faces of the people in the images; which she then replaced with the phrase ‘Everything will be taken away’. This statement on the image really struck me; how heartbreakingly truthful it is.

These works deal with accepting the inevitable, which Piper has done so boldly. Another aspect that drew me toward these works is the size; they are very personal, approx 6×9 inches – similar to a printed photo. Sentiment is very present in these work, we assume the photos are family memories; but for Piper then to adorn their wiped out faces with that statement really shocked me.

I am really inspired by these works; they are also quite similar to my own in terms of context and also aesthetically – all these pieces are black and white; this allows the text to stand out.






All photos are my own, taken at the Giardini in the Venice Biennale 2015.


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