Incorporating Text into the figure

After another tutorial, I’ve come out from it with so many more ideas.  This time with an aspect that I am passionate about; Text.  I’ve always enjoyed writing, doing English at school, writing annotations in books, essays are great when you write about what you love. I really like the idea of incorporating ‘text’ into an image, I feel it could add an extra layer to my work; in the form of giving the figure a voice and this brought an opportunity to use the answers from my questionnaire.

Below are two pieces I made using the text from the questionnaire I created and copying the handwritten answers from those onto the erased bodies.  Another reason I like ‘text’ is the handwritten aspect of it – it’s so incredibly personal, like a finger print, everyone’s is different.  In the case I’m using it in; it gives the text personality:


I then tried, using the cut out method to create a word, I made one (left) where I simply cut the text out of the figure – but I really disliked this. Then I cut words out of tracing paper; with this I drew a rough shape of the body and make the text inside this, which I then stuck onto the photo using a mix of PVA glue and white acrylic, giving it a really strange ethereal feel, as though it’s not quite in the image, but I really dislike how the text/font looks:



Finally for these set of experiments, I used the ghost photo from before as an example, I used metal stamps to pierce the paper – this is only visible when held up to the light, which looks affective when in light but out of it, like the original photo.



From these experiments there are two aspects I really like and am going to take forward are the using of the handwritten answers as it works so much better than the block/stamped text – it’s as though the handwriting is that of celebrities, like their last words.  I also want to use PVA/White acrylic mix, other than cellotape.  I think it is the most affective in terms of erasing the figure, the mix of PVA and acrylic creates a blur that has transparency , which  I believe works in context.


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