Printmaking Workshop / Cyanotype

I’ve created cyanotypes many time before, but this time the workshop was doing both hand-drawn and photo cyanotypes. I have never created a cyanotype using a photo before, So I was excited to experiment with it.


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I have never created a cyanoype using a photo, and I was interested to see the results, Cyanoypes create very clear line, detail in terms of tones is very rare, so printing of photograph will be interesting. I again used my own practice and chose a photo of Heath Ledger that I had been previously using in my work. For the acetate, you have to flip the image, so it’s backwards and then turn it into a negative on photo-shop. The cyanotype process is exactly the same and I’m so surprised with the results. I am shocked with the amount of detail it has achieved and I’m really happy with the result, I want to revisit this type of cyanotype printing again in the future and experiment further.

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