Celine Condorelli / Lecture

Above Image – View of an Installation by Celine Condorelli. Image Source.



The Transmission lecture this week was by Installation Artist, Celine Condorelli, who took this opportunity to discuss her exhibitions and her interests.

She started by describing an exhibition as, ‘a protected place, you don’t know where you are outside the exhibition’, and from this created an installation where she changed this thought of the exhibition space by placing a ladder under a high window, then encouraged her audience to climb the ladder and look out the window, ‘opening a window allows you to know where you are’. Hearing her explanation I understood what she was saying, that it is important to always be aware of your surroundings and not be restricted.

Image showing the installation piece described above. Image Source.

The aspect I really liked about this work was how Condorelli placed an installation where construction work could be seen through the window, so her work was always changing as the construction developed, the piece looked very different from its first day to the last day, which is a really great way to react to your surroundings and utilize them.

Image showing ‘Internationals’ by Condorelli. The over printed wallpapers on view here. Image Source.

She next talked about a second installation, ‘Internationals’, seen here in the photo. The piece I loved in this installation is the pieces on the walls, which are printed wallpapers that feature illustrations of her Artworks, she said that these pieces are ‘forever changing with every new artwork ‘and described them like a ‘self-portrait’.  I loved how she described them as a self-portrait which really shows how involved and connected she is to her work and how artists are always present in the art they make, I really liked how they have been printed, at first I assumed they were silk screened but she went on to mention that the technique she used was ‘over-printing’, which on further research is the process of printing layers on top of one another, so in Condorelli’s work, it creates the various tones of black, which is a process that I may experiment with myself as the results are really interesting.

Overall, a really great lecture, Condorelli was really well spoken and full of interesting and varied content and I have come away with wanting to try a new technique that I only discovered through this lecture.


Celine Condorelli – http://www.celinecondorelli.eu/


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