Glass and Cellotape / Experiment

I was pleased with the cellotape experiments, but they obviously weren’t finished piece. I then noticed a quality in the cellotape that resembled cracked glass, so I naturally progressed to experimenting by placing the cellotape onto smashed glass.

In all these experiments, I have used photo frame glass as it is thin and pre-cut. In the first text (below) I knew that if the glass wasn’t held together somehow, It would fall apart, so I placed a product called stick-it behind the glass, which is like a double sided tape. I was happy with how this was looking, but I needed to improve from the stick-it as it made the glass a cream colour, where I wanted it to remain as clear glass.


In the second experiment, I simply cut the image so the figure appears broken, I wasn’t happy with this experiment, I much preferred the first.



In my final experiment, I used an A4 piece of glass, so the image was larger and then I stuck sticky back plastic to both sides of the glass and then smashed it. This was the perfect process as it remained clear. I then stuck my cellotape pieces over the crack, and I’m very happy with my outcome. It shows a wanting to repair the celebrity; the situation of their death, and it appears fragile yet destructive.


I will be making a series of 8 of the smashed glass pieces, using the 8 celebrities I initially mentioned.


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