Silhouette Paintings

I was considering the shadows of these figures and came up with he idea of making stencils to replicate this, in the below experiments I have used the figure of Kurt Cobain in all these pieces and used acrylic paint and silver ink on A4 black card.


This is the first piece and I wanted to embody the chaos that death brings, yet the person who has passed remains still; The silhouette is paused in time yet the background is very expressive and busy.

FullSizeRender 1


With this experiment, I wanted to capture how with celebrities their whole lives are documented and in this gossip columns pick up when they begin to deteriorate.  I’ve used the idea of an angel to capture and express how we look up to these celebrities no matter of their troubled history. I really like this piece but it is very literal.



I finally wanted to capture the sadness that death brings, the figure remains as they do not have a clue of their impact



I don’t see these works developing further but they were a good experiment in understanding the context I want my work to be in.


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