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Image above from Joanne Lee’s, Gumming up the Works. Image source –



Joanne Lee, a former fine art student from Sheffield Hallam University, back when it was a Polytechnic, discussed her projects and interests in today’s Gravity lecture.  Lee explained that although she is digressive with her subject matter, she starts her works with the ‘everyday’ things she sees such as graffiti, litter, and chewing gum.  She referred to a term ‘Pareidolia’ which is when you see faces and characters in objects and how using this became a big aspect in her creative art process, explaining that ‘the everyday always leads to something else’, I totally agree with this statement and agree that it really fits in with any art practice, the fact that if you are looking for one thing, it always leads onto something else.

From this process she began to discuss her project, “Gumming up the works”, an essay and accompanying series of photos, turned into a book of photographs, by her Independent Serial; Pam Flett Press.  The images are of chewing gum on city surfaces which she was drawn to as they resemble a ‘reverse constellation’, which is often featured in her works, Lee referred to her creative practice as always getting “stuck” chewing things over in your head, but it made me appreciate how she uses her process to make art, such a smart concept as you would never run out of ideas.

Image of Joanne Lee’s, ‘Gumming up the Works’. Image source –

Lee discussed how she brings her works together with Constellations or Asterisms (a prominent pattern or group of starts that is smaller than a constellation), I relate to this as I have been considering a project relating to constellations, and it’s interesting to see how other Artist’s use themes in different ways, as my idea of using stars and star mapping is so far away from how Lee uses it.

Throughout the rest of the lecture Joanne Lee used the time to discuss her works regarding her fascination with plastic carrier bags and how they become entangles in tree branches referring to them as, “Witches Knickers’”, her way of feminising them, she told the audience.  I think at this stage I started to become disengaged with the lecture as I didn’t connect with her works in anyway which was quite upsetting because at the start I was compelled with her process of working.

However, on the whole I did find Joanne Lee a very interesting Artist, fascinating to see how she found the extravagance in things that most would consider an eyesore, just showing how powerful a creative mind can be.


Joanne Lee –


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