Jesse Darling / Lecture

(Image above – ‘Material Girls and their Muses’, 2014, by Jesse Darling. Photo found on:

The Transmission lecture this week brought artist, Jesse Darling, whose work is based upon “Human condition and how it mediates the figure and structure”.

Darling used the lecture to discuss this year’s transmission theme, “Where Art Happens” more so than actually discuss her own art works but this didn’t deter from the theme and I really enjoyed the lecture as it brought up so many thought provoking questions about art.

She opened the lecture by asking, “Where does art happen?” then answering with, “Where doesn’t it happen?” – Art on the whole contains such a host of questions, there are no defined answers, art just happens everywhere.

This type of question and answer dialogue continued throughout the lecture, below are some points she mentioned that were prominent to me;

– Where does art happen? What does it mean to happen?

– Asking, is it Art? Seems already a bankrupt question

– Does art last? Backed up with information that stocks/shares in Damien Hurst are going down and people have been told to sell his works now, the realisation that what was once in style is no longer.

-What does it mean for work to live? Darling told students that to, ‘not make art’ was not possible, art stops happening when life starts happening.

– Can art and life happen together? – A woman gave birth in a gallery, is this art? Does art happen in a hospital?

Darling states whether we are doing anything in life, it is all a performance, social media becomes ‘where art happens’, we decide what goes on it, she relates this to Andy Warhol’s diary.

All of the above are really important questions within the art world but I think it comes down to a matter of opinion and your own boundaries, yes some artists fully immerse their selves and their whole life in art but some have a split personality balancing art with normal life, I believe I’m included in the latter.  All the questions posed by Darling are a matter of opinion but I find it hard to agree with Darlings statement that anything we do in life is a performance.


Jesse Darling brought a new presentation to the lecture this week, that was very thought provoking and to answer some of Darling’s questions I personally believe that art does happen everywhere but only when we want it to, art and life do go hand in hand and they merge, life is in art and art is in life.

Jesse Darling:





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