Ways to Erase

As suggested, I have experimented with ways to erase the figure from an Image. I have used various materials and processes, and at the bottom I will discuss which ones I will develop:


original Ghost
Ghost with no eyes – attempting to make it less comical
Figural – make it seem they never existed=wrong impression
Tip-Ex – material used to erase, looks like paint
Friction – literally rubbing them away
Black Ink Ghost – quite horror movie – esk



Above – Cellotape-ripping the figure away, produces 2 pieces – the image and off print

Gel Pen – like I’m scratching them away
Pencil Crayon – very cloudy texture
Fire – burning the figure away
Bleach – creates a burning glow aura
Gloss Photo and Matt Paint – brings them out of the photo


Out of all these experiments, there was one I really liked. The cellotape experiment produces two pieces; the image that has no figure but a very spirit like form and the cellotape that has the figure on – placing it on a separate piece, it feels as though I’m trying to repair the figure. I am going to develop the cellotape experiment further as they have all the qualities I want from these works.


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