Initial experiments…

I start every new project by making any ideas that are in my head and any ideas inspired by artists, so I can receive feedback from these pieces and develop my own practice.

Below are the works I have made:

I wanted to glorify the icon by giving them a silver skeleton, but It didn’t turn out how I wanted, and in my feedback I was informed that they are too Halloween like, which I can understand


These are heavily inspired by artist Angela Deane, I replicated her works as a way to understand her process – masking a figure, these are in no terms finished works. Feedback from these were to continue the idea of erasing a figure from an image, do it less literally, which I love the idea of – these type of ghosts are clearly comical, I want mine to come across more seriously. It was also pointed out to me that I should choose images where the figures shadow is present – contradiction of being alive yet being dead.


Grimm Reaper:
I initially wanted these to replicate a vintage-esk carnival sign, like a fortune teller, but after making it I was unimpressed with the outcome – not what I want to portray.


Support during Death:
I was thinking about how in death there is a lot of support to those who have lost ones, and how we need to be told that it’s okay. I used this against flowers that we witness dying in our homes and how throughout their lives; the vase supports them. With this I put text on the vase that are supporting phrases. I did like this piece but again, it wasn’t what I wanted to portray.


As developing from these works, I will be experimenting with erasing the figures in the images, to express the loss to society, yet find images where the shadow is present to express them living on.


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