Angela Deane / Artist

‘We are the ever living Ghosts of what once was – Band of Horses’

American Artist; Angela Deane describes her project ‘Ghost Photographs’ as “little paintings on found photographs”. Deane is an artist in her own right, and her most well known works are the Ghost Photos; where she simply paints white over the figure and adding two black dots – but by doing this simple act completely changes the context of the original image, suddenly a vast amount of history is given to a memory.

The images she uses are found photographs, she doesn’t know the peoples background, but by adding the paint she gives them a story, she makes them a universally known figure and in a creepy way; it makes you feel as though you know them. This maybe due to the already unknown aspect of the figures, but she has then cloaked the figures, leaving your imagination to run wild about who the person is. They remain so human simply from the two dotted eyes.

‘blue veil’

The context of the work is about time, memory and nostalgia; how a moment can die, yet remain so present. By subtracting the people in the photo’s, a sentiment of curiosity is created; she haunts the images, and to me they reflect a fear of death by a way of preparing for the inevitable. I find it fascinating how personal they feel.

I’m really inspired by these works and they’ve changed the way I look at death now. Just the other day I watched a Nirvana music video and I couldn’t stop thinking of how much of a ghost Kurt Cobain has become; he’s gone but remains present.

I’m very inspired by these works, they have a similar feel to what I want to produce – but I want mine to be more serious; whereas these works are very comical; I suppose one way to eradicate a fear is to laugh at it.


“they have a history unknown to me and speak of another’s memory, removed in both time and space” – Angela Deane


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