Focusing on Celebrity Deaths

My work prior to this focuses on the 27 club, specifically Kurt Cobain. Although I enjoyed this, I wasn’t connecting to it, so my work was becoming impersonal.

I still want to produce work surrounding celebrity deaths, but I also want to make it personal. In a way to combine both of these aspects I am going to be producing work surrounding Celebrities who I feel their passings were a loss to society – inspirational figures that I miss, in terms of they can no longer make music or film.

This work will also reflect my fear of death. I am scared of the thought of no longer existing on this earth, hoping that death is not just black nothingness, a hope that we somehow live on. From this I will be investigating the idea of ghosts through the celebrities – as a way to express that you do live on, using famous figures amplifies living on after you die as their contributions to society; movies and music, will always live on.

Death brings many questions to me, that will never be answered, through research i understand that most people who fear death, do so because they don’t want to be forgotten. I’m hoping this work will express my wanting to live and wishful thinking that after death, we still live on.

I will be using 8 celebrities throughout this process, all of which I miss; which proposes a contrast in that most died before I was born; it shows how someone can still live on after they have passed:



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