York Art Gallery

I visited the recently opened; York Art Gallery last week (21st July). I have been visiting various exhibitions and galleries thought the summer, as a way to keep inspiration in mind for when I return back to Uni in September. I had no idea what to expect from York art gallery since it has only been open for a few weeks, but I adore York and it’s prominent history, so I was excited to discover they had 6+ rooms full of art, some rooms dedicated to traditional works, some to contemporary and also some to local artists and schools; so it was an interesting mix of works. My favourite room was the ‘Lumber Room’, labelled ‘unimagined treasures’. In here were curiosities and generally bizarre objects accompanied by relevant artworks, which I liked the idea of having that connection as well as loving all things weird and wonderful:

The Lumber Room: Unimagined Treasures


There was also an exhibition dedicated to contemporary ceramics;CoCa. It was really interesting to see such modern works using such a traditional material and process, often seen as a lost art, but these pieces really defied that statement:


York art gallery is a really interesting collection of diverse works and it’s definitely worth visiting.

I also visited the Museum while I was in York which is always really intriguing, and this time I started to see artefacts that were quite relevant to my practice, some images from this below:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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