Ian Kiaer / Lecture


Carefully considering this lecture now, I can’t say it was one of my favourites. I found some of his works really compelling, yet the fact he rushed the lecture slightly, to fit in everything he had to say ruined it a bit for me.

Ian Kiaer creates installation works-he focuses closely on the idea of space and the relationship we have to it – “between the floor, walls in space and standing and laying in it”.

(Ian Kiaer during his lecture, showing one of his installation pieces - photo my own, taken on iPhone 4)
(Ian Kiaer during his lecture, showing one of his installation pieces – photo my own, taken on iPhone 4)

Reflecting back, I feel Kiaer hardly talked about his own art works, but focused more on his influences which does make a great lecture, but not for Gravity. I think the content that Ian Kiaer discussed would have been better suited to Transmission. Gravity lectures focus more on the making of the art works; Transmission focuses more on the idea and theory behind the works – so I was slightly disappointed by this.

Some of the influences Kiaer discussed included “Monochromes” – these are paintings that were an ‘important component of Avant-Garde visual art, throughout the 20th century and into the 21st century’ (information from – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Monochrome) The paintings often only use one colour and progress to make different tones and textures from this. Comparing these to Kiaer’s work, there is a clear similarity in Kiaer’s installation work, he uses large spaces and puts very few secluded pieces in them that are small scale and of similar tones, there’s a clear connection from his works to the Monochrome paintings.

Ian Kiaer then went onto talk about more of his influences, unfortunately I couldn’t catch the names of the artists or works but he was clearly inspired by dull, natural and muted tones and also architectural designs.

Overall, I thought this lecture was informative, I feel I’ve found out a lot about Kiaer’s influences and where his ideas spark from, yet I feel he should have focused more on his own work.  I admire how passionately Kiaer talked about his influences. I think the lecture was slightly too rushed; maybe he had too much to say in the time allocated, but a very confident speaker who was really interesting and who had an enormous passion for his work which is a quality every artist should have.


Ian Kiaer – http://www.alisonjacquesgallery.com/artists/25-Ian-Kiaer/overview/


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