Printmaking Workshop / Linocut

Above and Below Photo’s of the pieces I made in the workshop:
This week in the print making workshop we were given the chance to use Linocut. I’ve used Linocutting before and know the process well, but this time we were set a task. The task was to create a date print, similar to On Kawara’s date paintings.

On Kawara was a Japanese conceptual artist. He is best know for his date painings,
‘Known collectively as Today (1966–2013), On Kawara’s Date Paintings record nothing more than the date on which they were made. For each work in the series—Kawara produced nearly 3,000 of them over more than four decades—the artist observed a strict set of rules, inscribing the exact date he created the painting in white letters and numbers on a monochromatic ground.’

Information source –
I feel these paintings reflect quality of life; Kawara documented each day, and by paining it, glorified it and made each day substantial.

Example of On Kawara’s Date Paintings.


I used this opportunity to create date linocuts, for each of the celebrities I used in my Cyanotype series; onehundredandsixtytwo, 2015, and putting this print with the cyanotype, creates an information file for each celebrity, like police information, which I like the idea of. I also like the idea of making date paintings as it makes that date mean something, and with the context I have used really pushes this idea; like the day is only relating to that celebrity.

Photo’s of the pieces individually:

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