Assessment / Current Project

I’ve recently had my first assessment (07-01-2015) and it went really well, i got some great feedback and a lot of comments and ideas to work on, on where to take my project next. The two main points I’ve focused on from my assessment were; my sketchbooks in their own right are a piece of art, which I never really saw myself previously. I work really hard on my sketchbooks, making them a source of inspiration I can look back on and also a place to document my journey of research, experimentation, development etc, so when looking through my sketchbooks, things fold out, you can pull pieces out of pockets – it’s very interactive, so I’ve been focusing on developing this further.

The second comment I’ve been developing on is that my previous work, from the Frankenstein project (see below for posts on this) where my theme was based on celebrity suicides and presenting them as iconic people we should look up to, similar to Warhol’s Marilyn pieces. At assessment my tutor commented on the fact my work looked quite obsessive, as though I was an obsessed fan and I could really push this. I really liked this idea, as a big fan of music, I see a lot of obsessed fans on social media, who class their selves as ‘fandom’s’ (a group of people who are big fans of someone/thing ), which really interests me as I’ve grown up in the 21st century, when the internet has basically blown up and become very popular, and every time I go on social media, I see people in fandom’s express their love for this person or thing, but never being an extremely obsessed fan myself, it’s really interesting to witness.

So basically from these comments I’ve been really working on developing my project, combining these two ideas together to make a ‘fanzine’ –esk book dedicated to Kurt Cobain. I’ve put myself in the character of an obsessed fan and below are images of the pieces I’ve made towards making my book, which will include various works using a variety of materials  all based on the icon, Kurt Cobain.


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