Oreet Ashery / Lecture

Above Image – Oreet Ashery’s, ‘The World is Flooding’, 2014. Image Source.


Born in Jerusalem, Oreet Ashery is a Performance Artist.  She began the lecture by talking about her childhood, mentioning first about the area that she grew up in how it was quite a ‘rough’ area and then she began to talk about her childhood memories, running through the trenches at school, practising ‘witchcraft’ in her bedroom after reading a witchcraft book and then practising these rituals out on her cousins, stating that all of these aspects and memories later inspired her with her practice now especially her childhood memories as this was something that Ashery was interested in, stating that this is how “artists practices” are often effected by their own childhoods. She included other interest and influences including ‘Avant Garde’ and “Trash Aesthetic” – which is a book about “pop culture and its audience”.

Ashery continued the lecture by talking about her work, the piece was called, ‘Party for Freedom’, which was a performance piece that expressed freedom and liberation, inspired by the 60’s and 70’s, she showed a clip of the actual performance, various performers were nude taking over the space where they were situated, in this clip it was a lecture theatre, she explained that this clip had been performed over 25 times in various spaces.  Audience participation took place and some became very involved and during the time the nudity became symbolised.  I wasn’t a big fan of this piece, I rarely like any ‘performance art’ as I feel it lacks meaning, however with this piece I did feel it reflected the sense of freedom you have as a child, which Ashery stated previously, that she was inspired by and for this I had an appreciation of the piece instead of disliking it. This project can be found at – http://oreetashery.net/work/party-for-freedom-people-vs-freedom/

Ashery continued the lecture presenting more of her work but at this point I felt very disengaged as I felt it became quite difficult to hear what she was actually saying and also it became very reparative in the sense that her work was very set of the subject of freedom and liberation and I personally didn’t find it interesting and having any interest to me, however, as always, I did appreciate her work, her dedication and for that I admire her.




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