Sophie Molins / Lecture


Sophie Molins, an Artist and Photographer started the lecture quite rushed, possibly due to nerves but she got straight into talking about her work.

Molins started with her “Shoe Project” explaining that her mother was paralysed so she gave her shoes to her, this was a very symbolic act and a way for Molins to accept her illness.  Her mother then passed away but she was inspired to create a series of art works that related specifically to her mother, Shoes; Laces; A frying pan that had been used by her mother to make their family meals, piece named ‘In my Mother’s shoes’.

(A photo of the pair of shoes Molins' mother gave her, which she then used in her project 'In my Mother's shoes')
(A photo of the pair of shoes Molins’ mother gave her, which she then used in her project ‘In my Mother’s shoes’)

Molins used the shoes to create butterflies then 3D printed them in clear plastic, she then hung them and used lights to create shadows of butterflies on a wall.  A very striking and emotional piece of work.

Another striking piece Molins made a piece named “Deep down dark horse” which was a painting of a horse, Mere in French means Mother but in English is a term for a horse, spelt Mare. The piece depicted the grief of a mother. Molins works took much inspiration from her mother and the impact she had on her life and the grief she felt over losing her.

Molins then went onto her interactive website;, that she had created, at this moment in the lecture I felt it became slightly disjointed and less engaging, it became rushed, possibly here nerves took over or time restraints were kicking in but it felt as though she continued with no inspiration or explanation about the website which left me feeling very confused.

(A screencap from Molins' interactive website '')
(A screencap from Molins’ interactive website ‘’)

However, I came home and visited the website and understood how creative and imaginative her work really was, it was like a story you make up yourself, containing a lot of buttons to press and interact with and I’m glad I took a second look at her work to thoroughly understand what she was about.

Overall I loved her interpretation of what her Art was about, especially the shoe butterflies but I wasn’t too impressed with the way she rushed into her interactive website, I wish she would have took more time to explain the inspiration behind the website, but a really creative and imaginative way to create and present art work.


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