Introduction to Gravity / Lecture


The Gravity lecture series will take place on Thursdays between 4.30pm and 6.30pm. Compared to Transmission, Gravity is based on the ‘material’ used in Art over the ideas.  Since it started  in 2010, especially for the  Creative Art Practice course.

What I can gather, the Gravity series is based on a single word for the topic– past years being called Beauty (2010-2011); Colour (2011-2012); Atmosphere (2012-2013); Pleasure (2013-2014) and now ‘TIME’. The speakers then would talk about how their own work related to the theme of Time, and how they connect.

Same as the introduction lecture, the lecturers talked about and discussed their own views on the topic of time and how they perceive it, one tutor/lecturer recited a poem by ‘Charles Pagowski’ and read a quote from a book which has stuck in my head since then, “Don’t do it, unless it comes out of your soul like a Rocket”. I’m really excited for the Gravity series, especially due to the topic of ‘Time’ as my work is also related to this; memories, death, so it will be really interesting to see other artists interpret this theme. The list of guest speakers attending Gravity is below;

(List of guest speakers attending the Gravity lecture series)
(List of guest speakers attending the Gravity lecture series)

//Images from – top image –

above image- my own photo


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